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ASN Web Services Overview

The following web services are now considered legacy and may return cached and outdated information. We recommend any new development begin with the ASN Search API.

The ASN REST based web services revolve around document retrieval. Requests return a XML response with appropriate metadata. Start at the most basic requests of all subjects or all jurisdictions in the ASN. Use those returns to filter ASN Standards Documents by subject, jurisdiction, and publication status to match your needs.

We kindly ask that you cache and/or store the below ASN Web Service responses if you are building them into an application.

Jurisdictions API:

Request a listing of all jurisdictions in the ASN:

Filter jurisdictions by class e.g. Organizations, U.S. States and Territories:

Subjects API:

Request a listing of all subjects in the ASN:

Documents API

Finally, filter ASN Standards Documents by a number of parameters. You may use human readable or URI parameters.

Submit human readable parameters using:

  1. &jurisdiction
  2. &status
  3. &subject

Submit URI parameters using:

  1. &jurisdictionURI
  2. &statusURI
  3. &subjectURI

You may mix and match between human readable and URI parameters in the same request. Jurisdiction or JurisdictionURI is required and may only appear once. Status or StatusURI may only appear once. Subject and SubjectURI may be repeated as often as needed. Omit either the subject(URI) or status(URI) to return all.

Let’s have a look at a few examples:

Request all ASN Standards Documents from Arkansas using the human readable jurisdiction parameter:

Same request but using the jurisdiction URI parameter:

Request all Arkansas, Math, Published ASN Standards Documents:

Same request but using jurisdictionURI, subjectURI and statusURI parameters:

Request all Arkansas math, science and social studies ASN Standards Documents:

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